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Pleated filter cartridge,or polymer melt filter cartridge,is made of stainless steel wire mesh, or sintered stainless fiber felt. The former one is made of stainless steel wire by weaving together, and this kind of filter cartridge takes the advantages of smooth wire pore, easy to wash,high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,fast wire mesh without migration,long service life,etc. The sintered stainless fiber felt is a kind of high precision filter material made of stainless steel fiber by sintering in high temperature, and this kind of filter cartridge takes the advantages of high porosity,good permeability,high dirt holding capacity,high regeneration capacity,etc.

Main characters:
1.Large filtration area(5-10 times as common cartridge) 2.High precision(1-300 μm)
Main connections:
1.Standard (e.g.222,220,226)   
2.Fast interface                         
5.Tie rod                               
6.Special customization   

Mainly used in high molecular polymer,water and oil treatment,high tempersture gas filtration,medicine filtration etc.